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Top 10 Biggest Bloodsuckers | Thirstiest Bloodsuckers

Top 10 Biggest Bloodsuckers

There are many different types of animals in the world. Everyone has their different lifestyle and diet. Some of them eat plants, some of them eat other animals and some of them are bloodsuckers. This is the very rare category in animals. So here is the list of top 10 biggest bloodsuckers in the world. Vampires may be mythological creatures, But the Animal Kingdom is full of entities that feed exclusively on Blood.

In this list, these are well-known bloodsuckers in the world. These bloodsuckers are not liked by humans. So humans do not allow these blood sucking to flourish around them. There are many types of animals in the bloodsucking category. So here are the Top 10 biggest bloodsuckers in the world.

10. FLEA

        Fleas are the very small flightless insects. The size of Flea is around 0.09 in / 0.25 cm. And they are the Smallest Bloodsuckers on Earth. They are dark colored. Diet of the Flia is blood. They suck the Blood of the animal or human by their epipharynx. Flea body is covered with a hard plate which called sclerites. And they live on mammals, humans, and pigs.


       Bedbugs are the Bloodsuckers that suck the human Blood. Size of the Bedbug is nearly 0.2 in / 0.5 cm. Skin rashes, psychological effect, allergic symptoms, weakness are the result of the Bedbug bites on the human. They bite humans when humans are in sleep. They are not known to transmit any pathogens as disease vectors. Bedbugs are light brown reddish colour and flat. And they don't have wings. They live on human, behind the wood of house.


Female Mosquito
       Mosquitos are the most known flies in our list. Male mosquitos are smaller than female Mosquitos. Female Bloodsuckers Mosquitos are small and in very big quantity in our environment. Size of the Female Mosquito is 0.6 in / 1.6 cm. They suck Blood from the human body or other animal bodies. They are known for the transfer of the diseases from one body to another body by Blood. Bites of the Female Mosquito is visible and get due to the immune response. Mosquitos are usually found in a garbage, near human, dark place, etc.


Assassin Bug
       Assassin Bug is also known for Reduviidae. They are live in a family and some of them are Bloodsuckers. The size of the Assassin Bug is nearly 1.6 in / 4 cm. They suck Blood from the human or other animal bodies. Assassin Bug is flat. Assassin Bug is found in Mexico, Southern United States, Central America, South America, etc.


Madrlenial Butterfly
       Masrilenial Butterfly is the 6th biggest Bloodsucker in our list. Size of the Madrilenial Butterfly is 2.76 in / 7 cm. No one knows why this butterfly like blood. Most of the human does not know the Madrilenial Butterfly as the Bloodsucker. Madrilenial Butterfly likes to suck the Blood from dead animals Body not from living animal. They have a different colour. They found in the forest, on flour. They also feast on food.


Vampire Finch
       Vampire Finch is the small Bird who is also Bloodsucker. Size of the Vampire Finch is around 4.7 in / 12 cm. Vampire Finch is Bird but they got small wings so they can take small distance fly. Vampire Flinch has the small yellowish mandible. They are the most famous birds for their diet. They feed the Blood of other Birds like Nazca and blue-footed boobies. Vampire Finch is live in Galapagos islands.


Vampire Bat
       Vampire Bat comes in the 4th place in our biggest bloodsuckers list. Vampire Bats food source is only Blood. Size of the Vampire Bat is nearly 7 in / 18 cm. Vampire Bats can fly for long distance also. They live in a dark place like caves. They also eat nectar, fruit, insects, fish and meet. Front teeth of Vampire bat are specialized for cutting and back teeth are similar to the other Bats. By the bite of a vampire bat, the human can suffer from a disease called rabies. They attack on other animals at Night. Because the seeing quality of the Vampire Bat is low. But hearing quality is very high. So they produce small noise and when the noise comes back from another thing then they calculate the Distance of the Object. And then attack them.


       Candiru is the Fish. Candiru is also known for Toothpick Fish, Vampire Fish, and Canero. Size of the Candiru is nearly 16 in / 40 cm. Candiru is the 1st underwater Bloodsucker in our list. The body of the Candiru is translucent. They have a small head and a belly especially used after a large Blood meal. Candiru attacks on a human for blood. They found in Amazon, Orinoco, and lowland Amazonia.


Giant Amazon Leech
       Giant Amazon Leech is also the underwater creature. Giant Amazon Leech is also biggest Bloodsucker. Size of the Giant Amazon Leech is around 18 in / 45.7 cm. Most of the Giant Amazon Leeches have a greyish brown color. Giant Amazon Leech has a specialized mouth. which Helps them to suck Blood from humans. Giant Amazon Leech is one of the most lagest leeches in the world. They also attack a human. They found in Amazon.


Sea Lamprey
       Sea Lamprey is the Fish. Sea Lamprey is the biggest Bloodsucker in the World. Size of the big  Sea Lamprey is nearly 35.5 in / 90 cm. And the Weight of the adult Sea Lamprey is around 2.3 kg. The Sea Lamprey has an eel-like Body. And the mouth is round and jawless. A fluid produced in the Sea Lampreys mouth called lamphredin. This bloodsucking fish's mouth is specially made to suck blood. They are very powerful bloodsuckers. Which helps to prevent Blood from humans cloths. They are live in Western Atlantic Ocean, Northern Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea, Great Lakes, South and Western areas of Europe, etc. They found a surface to the depth of 4000 m (4 km).

So this is information about the Top 10 biggest bloodsuckers in the World. I hope my article helpful for you, please don't forget to shear and comment your thought about Top 10 Biggest Bloodsuckers in the World. Thank you!

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