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TOP 10 Biggest Cat In The World | BIG CAT Species

Fun Facts of Top 10 Biggest Big Cats

Compare this top 10  to the opposite to get a better sense of just how big the Big Cats of the wild get.

10. Caracal

       Caracal is the big cat which came on the 10th number in our biggest big cat list. The weight of Caracal is up to 44.1 lb / 20 kg. The length of  Caracal is up to 80 cm. They are the smallest animal in our list. Colour of the Caracal is mostly grey but some of them are dark red and golden sand coloured. They has long canine teeth. Diet of the Caracal is birds, small mammals, sheep, goats, and rodents. Caracal is found in India, Africa, and in grasslands.

9. Clouded Leopard

Clouded Leopard
       Clouded Leopard is the big cat who has there beautiful skin. The weight of the Clouded Leopard is 55.1 lb / 25 kg. And the length of the Clouded Leopard is around 85 cm. The fur of the Clouded Leopard is dark grey. And they have black dark and dusty grey coloured blotches pattern on their body. The diet of the Clouded Leopard is monkey, deer, pigs, squirrels and birds. Clouded Leopards are great climbers. They are found in Indian Himalaya, China, northeast India and in Nepal.

8. Eurasian Lynx

Eurasian Lynx
       Eurasian Lynx is also known as Europian Lynx and Siberian Lynx. They are minimum size wild cats. The weight of the Eurasian Lynx is up to 77.3 lb / 35 kg. And the length of the Eurasian Lynx is up to 140 cm. Eurasian Lynx has powerful long legs, And the colour of the Eurasian Lynx is yellowish grey, greyish brown and white underpants. Diet of the Eurasian Lynx is rabbits, squirrels, mouse, deer, reindeer, rodents, red fox, etc. They are found in Siberia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, etc.

7. Cheetah

       Cheetah is one of the best climbers and the fastest animal on earth. The weight of the Cheetah is around 121.2 lb / 55 kg. The height of the Cheetah is around 2.9 ft. And the length is around 4.9 ft. Speed of the Cheetah is 75 (m/h) / 120.7 (km/h). Which makes them fastest Big Cat Species on Earth. And also Cheetah is the fastest animal on land. Diet of the Cheetah is gazelles, calves, impalas, rabbits, birds, hares, antelopes, etc. Cheetah hunt other animals. The weight of  Cheetah is around 72 kg. And They are found in Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Iran, Eritrea, Algeria, Niger, etc.

6 Leopard

       Leopard comes on 6th position in our list. The weight of the Leopard is around 141.1 lb / 64 kg. The colour of the Leopard is the gold colour with black spots on the full body. The patterns of the rosettes are unique in each individual. And the diet of the Leopard is mainly deer, impala, gazelle, monkey, and wildebeest. Leopards are found in Northern Africa, Saharan Africa, Kuwait, Syria, Tunisia, Hong Kong and Southern Asia.

5. Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard
       Snow Leopard is the cat which lives in the cold area. The weight of the Snow Leopard is around 160.9 lb / 73 kg. And the length of the Snow Leopard is 1.1 m / 3.6 ft. The colour of the Snow Leopard is whitish to grey-black spots on their full body including tell. And the skin is with full hairs. Diet of the Snow Leopard is Himalayan tahr, Himalayan blue ship, argali, horse camel, markhor, etc. Snow Leopards are found in India, Bhutan, China, Afganistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. And the population of the Snow Leopard is very small around 7000 in the world.

        Congar is also known as puma, panther, mountain lion and catamount. The weight of the Cougar is up to 264.5 lb / 120 kg. And the height is up to 90 cm and length is up to 2.4 m. They have powerful forequarters to hunt prey. And the colour of Cougar os reddish-brown to grey with the black tip on their long tail. Diet of the cougar is deer, elk, moose, mule deer, rodents, mammals, etc. Cougars are found in America, etc.

3. Jaguar

       Jaguar is the rear big cat in our list. The weight of the Jaguar is around 308.6 lb / 140 kg. the length of the Jaguar is up to 2 m. The colour of the Jaguar is sand gold with black spots. Jaguar is the carnivorous animal. So they hunt other animals for food. And the diet of the jaguar is deer, crocodile, sloths, fish, frogs, eggs, monkeys, snakes, turtles, etc, And they are found in America, Mexico, Panama, Peru, etc. 

2. Lion

       Lion is the king of all animals. And the weight of the Lion is around 595.2 lb / 270 kg. And the size of the lion is up to 2.5 m / 8.2 ft. Lion is a very powerful animal. The colour of lion is a light buff to a silvery grey. They have the powerful mouth to hunt the other animal. Diet of the Lion is a zebra, African buffalo, giraffe, blue wildebeest, elephants, etc. They are found in Angola, Tanzania, Africa, etc.

1. Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger
       Siberian Tiger is the biggest big cat on earth. They are very powerful. The weight of the Siberian Tiger is 1025.2 lb / 465 kg. The colour of the Siberian tiger is orange with black lines on the body. They have a white chest and a powerful mouth. Diet of Siberian Tiger is deer, goral, sika, wild boar, elk, and other mammals. Siberian tigers are found in Russia, China and in North Koria.

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