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Fun Facts and Information of Saltasaurus | Saltasaurus Pictures


Fun Facts of Saltasaurus

  • Saltasaurus is about long as a Travel bus.
  • The weight of the Satasaurus is around 7 tons.
  • Saltasaurus  name stands for 'lizard from Salta'.
  • Saltasaurus was half weight of Diplodocus.
  • Saltasaurus is equaled to 2 African elephants by weight.

Information of Saltasaurus

       Saltasaurus is a herbivore dinosaur lived on earth nearly 64 to 86 million years ago. This dinosaur discovered in 1975. The fossils found in north-west Argentina and they excavated by Martín, José Fernando Bonaparte Vince and Juan C. Saltasaurus were first found in the Salta Province of Argentina, and it was after named by Jaime E and José Bonaparte. Also, they choose a name for this dinosaur is Saltasaurus and it stands for 'lizard from Salta'.
       The weight of the Saltasaurus is around 8 tons. as much as 2 Asian elephant.  This dinosaurs half-length and about 10 % of the weight of Diplodocus. Also, this dinosaurs length is 40 feet ( 12 meters). Saltasaurus is a sauropod that is similar to Diplodocus and Argentinosaurus. Still, it is much smaller than these two dinosaurs.
       Saltasaurus is the herbivorous dinosaur, and this dinosaur required a large amount of food. This dinosaur eats approximately 450 to 600 pounds of vegetation. Saltasaurus needed so much plant material on a daily basis, and It had a barrel-shaped body that seemed formed to handle each of those greens. This dinosaur eats Vegetation that probably seeds ferns, gingkos, included cycads, and other low lying plants.

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